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September 26, 2017
September 27, 2017


Web Design & Development

We create websites which are influenced by aesthetics and create a positive perception for your organization, leading to brand building. We create web sites that can possibly turn potential buyers into buyers just like we have done for more than 500 clients globally. We provide web services for small to Big-sized businesses across the globe. Our flexible hours, affordable rates and customer service make us the premier design solution provider.

E-Commerce Website Development

E-commerce has developed in ways extraordinary and has gone beyond shopping portals and traditional online commerce actions. The excessive spread of social networking has changed consumer approach about companies and products in ways which were implausible just a few years back. social relations has its finger on the rising ecommerce scenario and can help your business by giving advanced E-commerce solutions to meet your growing online business needs.
we have the experience of working with international majors in e-commerce business and have helped them expand their business through effective E-commerce software development services. We make sure that our solutions are customized to meet the collateral requirements of your online business.

Custom Web Development Service

The concept of website for promoting a company is nothing new, only that the sites in terms of looks and feel have evolved over the years, and their utility only kept on increasing. But to make the most out of websites, a website not only needs to be properly designed, but it should also be properly optimized for the web, so that the search engines like Google will like it, and places it at the top of search results. It is also important to do some off page publicity, like joining social media websites like Facebook, and also Web 2.0 properties, like linkedin, and post updates regularly. A premier all in one web solution center offers web based web developmentapplication development service from its decade’s experienced developing team. Our highly customized development services are designed to help our clients to fulfill their requirements and achieve their goals and objectives.

Payment Gateway Integration Service

Payment Gateway Integration service is an essential feature that any E-commerce website needs. Payment gateway allows a website to accept real time payments from customers across the world. The growing interest of E-commerce has made it really essential for website owners to devise a payment service that is secured and fast. It in a way represents a physical POS (Point-of-sale) terminal located in most retail outlets. Payment gateways encode delicate information, such as credit card numbers, to assure that information passes securely between the customer and the retailer we integrate payment gateways through their API (Application Programming Interface) enabling your customers to simply order and make payments. Clicks Bazaar’s team of experienced programmers has justified expertise in payment gateway integration as part of our custom E-Commerce solutions..

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